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Metering Transformers

Low Voltage

We provide a comprehensive range of low voltage current transformers for measuring and protective applications. Our range of current transformers are very compact and robust. It can be used for a wide range of current measuring purposes. It is designed for use with busbar of cable conductors. 


The different types of transformers we provide include:

1. Tape wound metering and protection transformers

2. Encapsulated metering transformers

3. Epoxy current metering transformers

Medium Voltage

For medium voltage current transformers, we also offer tailor made instrument transformers for metering and protection. We also provide indoor, outdoor, explosive, vibrations, sea shore, high temperature and tropical transformers up to 52kV.


High Voltage

​We have high voltage instrument transformers that support up to 550kV.



More information available on our products available for download here.


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