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Testing Equipment

  • 3 phase Relay Test Set

  • 4 phase Relay Test Set

  • 6 Phase Relay Test Set

  • Hi-Pot Tester

  • Multimeter

  • Secondary Injection Test Set

Mesauring Instruments

  • Analogues Marine Meters

  • Converter

  • DC Shunts

  • Digital Meter 

  • Digital Meter Relay

  • Multifunction Power Meter

  • Power Transducers

  • Protection Trip Relay

Metering Transformer


  • Low Voltage Merering Transformer for Utilites up to 660V

  • Medium Voltage Metering Transformer up to 52kV for Indoor & Outdoor Type

  • High Voltage Metering Transformer up to 550kV for Outdoor Type

SL Power Engineering Singapore

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